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Chavez-DeRemer Announces Coalition of Support from 100 Veterans across the 5th District

HAPPY VALLEY, Oregon – Today, Rep. Lori Chavez-DeRemer (OR-05) announced her re-election campaign’s “Veterans for Lori” coalition, composed of 100 veterans from every corner of Oregon’s 5th Congressional District. The coalition includes Oregonians who have served in various branches of the United States Armed Forces.

“I’m very grateful to have the support of so many honorable men and women who have stepped up to serve our country,” Chavez-DeRemer said. “In Congress, I’ve worked hard to fulfill our nation’s commitment to veterans – a reflection of our eternal gratitude for their bravery and sacrifices. Veterans deserve the best care and attention possible, and that’s why I’ll keep fighting to improve health care options and expand mental health resources. It’s an honor to serve those who have selflessly served us.”

During her first term, Chavez-DeRemer has successfully led efforts to authorize over half a billion dollars in funding for the Portland VA, pass bipartisan legislation to help lift veterans out of homelessness, and expand funding for the Veterans Crisis Line. She recently voted for legislation that would increase funding for the VA to ensure all Oregon veterans receive the health care and benefits they have earned. Learn more about the congresswoman’s efforts to support veterans here.

Veterans for Lori

Don Anderson, U.S. Air Force

Tom Andrusko, U.S. Army

James Ball, U.S. Army

Tony Barber, U.S. Navy

Gus Bedwell, U.S. Army

Ernesto S. Belliard, U.S. Army

Larry Bishop, U.S. Army

Ralph Boedigheimer, Naval Reserve

John Burrell, U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force

Robert Byrd, U.S. Marine Corps

Al Caiazza, U.S. Army

Joshua Callahan, U.S. Army

Eric Carson, U.S. Army

Lisa Cassel, U.S. Army

Sergio Cettina, U.S. Army

Mike Chambers, U.S. Navy

Rick Coufal, U.S. Army

Randy Cox, U.S. Army

James Cranor, U.S. Army

Matt Dencof, U.S. Air Force

Paul Dewitt, U.S. Navy

Gabriel Dobrichkov, U.S. Marine Corps

Paul Edgar, U.S. Army

Tom Ellis, U.S. Coast Guard

George Endicott, U.S. Army

Tonya Fagen, U.S. Army

Frank Faijo, U.S. Marine Corps

Betty Fish-Ferguson, U.S. Navy

Mark Fitz, U.S. Army

Charles Flores, U.S. Army

Bill Gabriel, U.S. Marine Corps

Paul Gavey, U.S. Coast Guard

Jonathon Gould, U.S. Marine Corps

Paul Gross, U.S. Air Force

Chris Guin, U.S. Army

Sehun Han, U.S. Army

Ken Hauge, U.S. Navy

Don Hedlind, U.S. Navy

Roger Heegard, U.S. Army

Lyle Hicks, U.S. Navy

David Hicks, U.S. Navy

Doug Jones, U.S. Air Force

Laurie Kimmell, U.S. Air Force

Steve Kinney, U.S. Navy

Jim Kitchen, U.S. Marine Corps

Chad Kyser, U.S. Air Force

Dave Lawler, U.S Army

Larry Lent, U.S. Navy

Rick Lewis, Army National Guard

Wally Long, U.S. Navy

Chris Lopez, U.S. Air Force

Jeanie Lovejoy, U.S. Army

Tom Marple, U.S. Marine Corps

Randy Marvin, U.S. Air Force

John Miller, U.S. Air Force

Dan Minor, U.S. Army

Sue Ana Montgomery, U.S. Navy

Lydia Moore, U.S. Navy

Jim Morrell, U.S. Navy

Charles Morris, U.S. Navy

Tom Morrison, U.S. Coast Guard

Tim Mueller, U.S. Army

Jason Mugar, U.S. Air Force

Michael Newgard, U.S. Army

Tim Nihoul, U.S. Army

J.D. Pavek, U.S. Marine Corps

Joel Pawloski, U.S. Army

John Perry, U.S. Army

Jay Peterson, U.S. Army

Raymond Platz, U.S. Navy and U.S. Air National Guard

Eric Post, U.S. Marine Corps

Aimee Reiner, U.S. Navy Reserves

Richard Roberts, U.S. Marine Corps

Keith Rockow, U.S. Army

Anthony Ronning, U.S. Army

Grant Roper, Oregon National Guard

Kevin Scoggin, U.S. Air Force

Dennis Scouten, U.S. Navy

Curtis Shipps, U.S. Navy

Steve Sims, U.S. Navy

Michael Sipe, U.S. Army

Roger Smith, U.S. Navy

Don Smith, U.S. Air Force

Marshall Smith, U.S. Army

Bob Smith, U.S. Navy

Randy Soria, U.S. Navy

Anthony Stacy, U.S. Navy

Deanna Stewart, U.S. Air Force

Ellis Stoma, U.S. Air Force 

Tom Stutheit, U.S. Air Force

John Sweeney, Army National Guard

JW Terry, U.S. Navy

Brian Tipsword, U.S. Navy

Dick Tobiason, U.S. Army

Todd Tuthill, U.S. Navy

William Wammock, U.S. Army

Ben West, U.S. Naval Reserve

Zac West, U.S. Army

Micheal Williams, U.S. Coast Guard

Jon Wright, Oregon Air National Guard


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