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Fighting Homelessness

Keep Our Communities Safe

Oregon is facing a homelessness crisis with no solution in sight. Statewide, over 14,000 people are homeless on a given night, and in Portland, the amount of people living unsheltered has increased 50% since January 2019. Cities, towns, and communities are all affected by this crisis; the proximity to homeless encampments raises safety concerns for families and businesses. The drug crisis has impacted the homeless population the most. Drugs are pouring in from our southern border. We must secure the border to stop the influx of crime and drugs. Additionally, we can solve the homelessness crisis by offering safe alternatives to get people off the streets. 

End Cancel Culture

Restoring Our Economy


The Radical Left’s policies have turned our economy into shambles and pushed inflation to record breaking numbers. The American people, especially families, are struggling daily to purchase basic necessities and pay bills while prices continue to surge. With inflation hitting a 40 year high, it has gotten progressively harder to financially get by. This is why we must stand up against the Left’s agenda with Conservative leadership to get our economy back on track and make our country affordable again.

Oppose Critical Race Theory

Parental Choice in Oregon Schools


Oregon Children were stripped of their right to a quality education because of unconstitutional mandates and harmful school closures. Now, when Oregon kids are struggling to catch up, schools are forcing divisive and politically charged issues into the classroom. As a mom of twin girls, I firmly believe Oregon Parents deserve a say in what their children are taught, which is why I will support a Parental Bill of Rights that ensures transparency for school curriculums and protects the rights of parents.

Champion our Constitutional Rights

Low Taxes, Balanced Budgets.


As a Mayor, I always had a balanced budget and I kept our tax rates in Happy Valley one of the lowest in the state. Congress has spent our country into oblivion with record deficit spending.  As your Congresswoman, I will always support lower taxes and reigning in spending that mortgages the next generation of Americans.

Put America, and Oregon, First

Keep Our Communities Safe


Oregon has a serious issue with violent crime. Over the past two years, we watched as politicians were more concerned with virtue signaling and political theater, instead of defending the safety and security of their constituents. The city of Portland has become a lawless place marked by riots, autonomous zones, and defunded police units. The radical left in Portland cut their police budget by $26 million, causing an increase of 800% in homicides within the city. As the former Mayor of Happy Valley, I know how important it is to keep our families safe. I have the deepest respect for our first responders. Firefighters, paramedics, military personnel, sheriffs, and local police that do their part to ensure we are protected. We must restore proper funding and resources to these brave men and women who have dedicated their lives to protecting our communities.

Put America and Oregon First


Our leaders regularly promote policies that put another country’s interests over the interests of Americans. Our trade deals should benefit Made In America products and companies, not foreign governments who violate their own citizens’ human rights. Our American workers, farmers, and manufacturers should be our first consideration with any legislative agenda. Too often the needs of Americans come last in discussions about trade, energy, and free enterprise. I am devoted to ensuring that the American government is always working for its people.

Support Our Veterans and Armed Forces


More must be done to honor the sacrifices of the men and women in uniform and ensure they are given the resources they need after serving our country. The attacks by the Radical Left on our armed forces is counter to the very fiber of what makes us American. One of my proudest moments as Mayor was the completion of our Happy Valley Veterans Memorial, which memorializes the gratitude of those that defend our country.

Empower Farmers and Ranchers


Here in the 5th District, food doesn’t grow on grocery store shelves, it grows on our farms and ranches. Not only does our district grow a unique variety of specialty crops, Willamette Valley specifically has one of the most diverse agricultural regions in the country. But unfortunately, in recent years our farmers and ranchers have faced tough conditions such as soaring input costs and their land has been threatened by wildfires and drought. As a member of the Agriculture Committee, I’ll always ensure farmers and ranchers have the support they need when disaster strikes. I’ll stand up against burdensome regulations, like the Biden Administration’s WOTUS rule, that constrains our rural economy. Oregon farmers and ranchers have always been the best stewards of their land; it’s time our government empowered them instead of telling them how to take care of it.

Improve Transportation & Infrastructure


As a former mayor, I have numerous years of experience when it comes to improving transportation and infrastructure and ensuring these assets meet the needs of our communities. As a member of Congress and a member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, I will continue to do the same. I’m focused on bringing home funding for much-needed infrastructure projects, including through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law as those grants continue to be awarded. We need to and must maintain a safe and reliable infrastructure to keep our economy running smoothly and effectively.

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