The Record

As Mayor of Happy Valley, Lori Chavez-DeRemer has been a standout in the arena of public service.

Lori will leave a lasting legacy as Mayor of Happy Valley with her proven track record of bipartisanship and fulfilling her campaign promises. As Mayor, she has kept taxes low, presided over a steady economy, and expanded opportunities for our children.

Confronting Rising Crime Problem

As Mayor, Lori confronted Oregon’s rising crime problem proactively. She pushed for a fully staffed and equipped police department that handles more than 3,000 calls every year.

Expanding Opportunities for Our Youth

As Mayor of Happy Valley, Lori created the Happy Valley Youth Council to empower teens to expand educational opportunities. She has promoted innovation in education like technical training and apprenticeships.

Streamlined Regulations

From streamlined regulations to a business-friendly policy, Lori made certain that Happy Valley remains a thriving community with a vibrant economy and increasing jobs for our families.

Addressing Oregon’s Housing Crisis

Happy Valley enjoys one of the lowest property tax rates in Oregon. Lori has worked to protect tax incentives that make homeownership more affordable such as the mortgage interest deduction.

Protecting the Environment

Lori’s environmental record is unparalleled. Under her leadership, Happy Valley installed a solar panel program that saved more than 127,000 pounds of Greenhouse Gas emissions. Additionally, Happy Valley was named “Tree City USA” thanks to Lori’s commitment to protecting our environment.

Tighter Fiscal Controls

Lori Chavez-DeRemer has pushed for tighter fiscal controls, getting more from existing resources rather than going to taxpayers for more money. Balanced budgets and fiscal reserves were constant features of Happy Valley’s civic budget under Lori’s leadership. Today, the city enjoys a $2.5 million fiscal reserve, and one of the lowest tax rates in the state.

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